Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to the massively popular Angry Birds game. With improved graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and even more levels, this game is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Whether you’re a die-hard Angry Birds fan or new to the franchise, Angry Birds 2 is a must-play game that you don’t want to miss. In this article, we’ll explore the game’s features, gameplay mechanics, and tips for success, so you can get the most out of your Angry Birds 2 experience. So, get ready to fling some birds and take down those pesky pigs – let’s dive into the world of Angry Birds 2!



In Angry Birds 2, the player’s mission is to use a variety of birds with unique abilities to take down structures and defeat the evil pigs.

The game features hundreds of levels with different challenges and obstacles that require players to use their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to complete.

To win a level, players must use the birds to destroy all the pigs on the screen within a limited number of moves.

Each level is designed to be progressively more difficult, with new types of obstacles and pig fortresses to overcome.

As players progress through the game, they can collect feathers, coins, and gems to unlock new birds, upgrade their abilities, and unlock special power-ups to help them on their mission.

With its fun gameplay, colorful graphics, and challenging levels, Angry Birds 2 is a game that will keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Game modes


Angry Birds 2 offers several game modes that provide a variety of challenges and gameplay experiences for players. Here are the details of each game mode:

  1. Classic Mode: This is the main game mode in Angry Birds 2. Players progress through a series of levels, each with different structures and pigs to defeat. The goal is to use the birds to destroy all the pigs on the screen within a limited number of moves. As players progress, the levels become more challenging and require more strategic thinking to complete.
  2. Arena Mode: This is a competitive multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other in real-time battles. Players can challenge their friends or other players around the world to see who can complete a level the fastest and earn the most points. The player with the highest score at the end of the round wins.
  3. Daily Challenges: Every day, players are presented with a new set of challenges that offer unique gameplay experiences and rewards. These challenges range from destroying a certain number of pigs to completing a level with a specific bird. Players can earn coins, feathers, and other rewards by completing these challenges.
  4. Piggy Tower: In this game mode, players must climb a tower filled with pigs and obstacles. Each floor of the tower presents a new challenge, and players must use their birds strategically to climb to the top. The higher the player climbs, the greater the rewards.
  5. Treasure Hunt: In this mode, players must complete a series of challenges to find hidden treasures. The challenges range from defeating pigs to collecting stars, and players must use their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to complete each challenge.

Each game mode in Angry Birds 2 offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience. Whether you prefer the classic single-player mode or the competitive multiplayer mode, Angry Birds 2 has something for everyone.



Angry Birds 2 features a variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. Here are some of the main characters in the game:

  1. Red: The leader of the flock and the main character in the game. Red has no special abilities but is a reliable bird that players can always count on.
  2. Chuck: A yellow bird that can move quickly and do more damage when he hits an object. Chuck is a great bird for taking out structures and pigs.
  3. Bomb: A black bird that can explode on impact, causing massive damage to nearby structures and pigs. Bomb is a powerful bird that can clear a path for other birds.
  4. Matilda: A white bird that can drop explosive eggs on structures and pigs. Matilda is a versatile bird that can deal damage from a distance.
  5. The Blues: Three blue birds that can split into smaller birds to attack multiple targets at once. The Blues are great for taking out multiple pigs or structures at the same time.
  6. Silver: A new bird introduced in Angry Birds 2. Silver can fly faster and farther than other birds and can drop explosive bombs on structures and pigs.
  7. The Pigs: The main enemies in the game. Pigs come in different sizes and wear different types of armor, making them harder to defeat. Players must use strategy and skill to take down each pig and complete each level.

Each character in Angry Birds 2 has their own unique personality and abilities, making the game more engaging and entertaining for players.


Angry Birds 2 features a variety of different maps, each with its own set of challenges and obstacles for players to overcome. Here are some of the main types of maps in the game:

  1. Classic Maps: These are the main maps in Angry Birds 2, and they feature a variety of different structures and obstacles for players to navigate. Some maps have tall structures that require players to use birds with special abilities to take down, while others have moving objects that require precise timing to hit.
  2. Boss Maps: These maps feature boss pigs that require players to use special strategies and tactics to defeat. Boss pigs have more health and are harder to take down than regular pigs, so players must use their best birds and abilities to win.
  3. Arena Maps: These maps are designed specifically for the multiplayer Arena mode. They are shorter and more focused than regular maps, with a smaller number of structures and pigs for players to take down.
  4. Treasure Hunt Maps: These maps feature hidden treasures that players must find by completing a series of challenges. The challenges range from defeating pigs to collecting stars, and each challenge unlocks a new section of the map.
  5. Piggy Tower Maps: These maps are designed specifically for the Piggy Tower game mode. They feature a tall tower with multiple floors, each with its own set of challenges and obstacles. As players climb the tower, the challenges become harder and the rewards become greater.


– Use the right bird for the job: Each bird in Angry Birds 2 has its own unique abilities and strengths. Make sure to use the right bird for each situation to maximize your chances of success.

– Aim carefully: Take your time and aim carefully before launching a bird. Pay attention to the trajectory and try to hit structures and pigs at the most vulnerable points.

– Experiment with different strategies: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies and approaches. Sometimes the best way to win is to try something new and unexpected.

– Collect all three stars: In each level, there are three stars that players can collect by completing certain challenges. Try to collect all three stars to unlock new levels and earn more rewards.

– Keep an eye on your bird count: Players have a limited number of birds in each level, so it’s important to use them wisely. Don’t waste birds on targets that aren’t worth it.

– Upgrade your birds: As you progress through the game, you can earn coins that can be used to upgrade your birds’ abilities. Focus on upgrading the birds that you use the most to make them even more powerful.

– Join a clan: Joining a clan allows you to team up with other players and compete in special clan challenges. It’s a great way to earn extra rewards and connect with other Angry Birds 2 fans.


Angry Birds 2 is a classic game that has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world.

With its fun gameplay, charming characters, and variety of maps and game modes, it offers a unique and addictive gaming experience.

By following the tips and tricks outlined above, new players can quickly master the game and start enjoying all that it has to offer.

So if you’re looking for a fun and challenging mobile game to download, Angry Birds 2 is definitely worth checking out!


Angry Birds 2
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