Evony: The King’s Return

Are you ready to build your own empire and lead your people to greatness? Look no further than Evony: The King’s Return, a strategy game that will put your leadership skills to the test. Download Evony now and take your place in history as a great ruler!


In Evony: The King’s Return, the player’s mission is to build and expand their own empire, starting with a small town and gradually growing into a mighty kingdom

The player must manage resources, construct buildings, train troops, and research technologies in order to improve their town and army.

As the player’s power and influence grow, they will have to engage in diplomacy with other players and alliances, or engage in battles and sieges to expand their territory and defend their kingdom from hostile attacks.

The ultimate goal is to become the most powerful and respected ruler in the game world, leading your people to victory and glory!

Game modes

Evony: The King’s Return offers several game modes for players to enjoy:

  1. Campaign Mode: In this mode, players progress through a series of levels, each with a specific objective to accomplish. These objectives may include building up a certain number of structures, researching specific technologies, or defeating enemy troops. Campaign mode is a great way for players to get familiar with the game mechanics and learn how to build and manage their own empire.
  2. PvP Mode: Players can engage in player versus player (PvP) battles to test their skills and prove their dominance. PvP battles can take place in real-time or asynchronously, depending on the game settings. In PvP mode, players can compete for resources and prestige, or engage in all-out wars to expand their territories and crush their enemies.
  3. Alliance Mode: In this mode, players can join together to form alliances with other players. Alliance members can work together to complete quests and earn rewards, or engage in group PvP battles against other alliances. Players can also request assistance from alliance members to defend their kingdoms from enemy attacks.
  4. Events Mode: Evony: The King’s Return offers a variety of limited-time events, such as holiday-themed events, special sales, or exclusive rewards for completing certain objectives. These events offer unique challenges and opportunities for players to earn valuable resources and items.


Evony: The King’s Return has a variety of characters that players can recruit and use to lead their armies. Here are some of the main characters in the game:

  1. The King: The player’s avatar and leader of their empire. The King can be customized with different appearances and equipment, and is responsible for making strategic decisions for the kingdom.
  2. Heroes: Heroes are powerful characters that can lead armies into battle and provide bonuses to the player’s troops. Each hero has unique skills and attributes that make them valuable assets on the battlefield.
  3. Generals: Generals are high-ranking officers in the player’s army. They provide leadership bonuses to troops and can also command their own squads on the battlefield.
  4. Advisers: Advisers provide guidance and advice to the player in various aspects of the game, such as economy management, military strategy, and diplomacy.
  5. Workers: Workers are the backbone of the player’s economy, responsible for constructing buildings and gathering resources.
  6. Spies: Spies are specialized units that can infiltrate enemy territories to gather intelligence and sabotage enemy operations.

Building and upgrades

Building and upgrading structures is an important aspect of Evony: The King’s Return. Here are some of the main types of buildings and upgrades in the game:

  1. Resource Buildings: These buildings produce resources such as food, wood, stone, and iron. Players can upgrade these buildings to increase their production rate and storage capacity.
  2. Military Buildings: These buildings allow players to recruit and train troops for battle. Players can upgrade these buildings to unlock new troop types and increase their training speed.
  3. Defensive Buildings: These buildings provide protection for the player’s kingdom against enemy attacks. Players can upgrade these buildings to increase their defensive capabilities and fortify their kingdom.
  4. Economic Buildings: These buildings provide various economic benefits, such as reducing construction time or increasing resource production. Players can upgrade these buildings to improve their economic efficiency and boost their overall performance.
  5. Research Buildings: These buildings allow players to research new technologies and upgrades for their kingdom. Players can upgrade these buildings to unlock more advanced technologies and gain a competitive edge over their opponents.
  6. Wall: The wall is a special defensive structure that surrounds the player’s kingdom. Players can upgrade their wall to increase its durability and provide better protection against enemy attacks.


– Focus on the basics: At the beginning of the game, focus on building up your resource production and training basic troops. This will allow you to establish a solid economic foundation and defend against potential attacks.

– Join an alliance: Joining an alliance is a great way to gain protection, support, and resources from other players. It can also provide opportunities for coordinated attacks and strategic partnerships.

– Research strategically: Prioritize research that will have the biggest impact on your gameplay. For example, unlocking new troop types or resource production upgrades can greatly improve your performance.

– Upgrade strategically: Focus on upgrading structures that will provide the most benefits for your specific gameplay style. For example, if you’re focused on defense, prioritize upgrading defensive structures like walls and towers.

– Participate in events: Events are a great way to earn rewards and experience new gameplay modes. Participating in events can also help you gain experience and test your skills against other players.

– Protect your resources: Keep your resources protected by building up your storage capacity and keeping excess resources in your inventory. This will prevent other players from raiding your resources and damaging your economy.

– Scout before attacking: Always scout an enemy target before launching an attack. This will give you valuable information about their defenses and troop numbers, allowing you to plan a more effective attack.


As the kingdom rejoices in your victory, you realize that your journey to becoming the king was only the beginning. There are new challenges and enemies to face, and you’re ready to lead your kingdom to even greater heights.


Evony: The King’s Return
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