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Ready to experience a puzzle game like no other? Download Royal Match today and prepare to be swept away by its enchanting graphics, challenging gameplay, and addictive match-3 mechanics.


In Royal Match, the player’s mission is to help restore a once-beautiful castle and its surrounding lands to their former glory.

To do so, they must complete a variety of match-3 puzzles, earning coins and power-ups along the way to help them progress.

As they complete each level, they’ll unlock new areas of the castle and gardens, revealing hidden secrets and uncovering the castle’s rich history.

With each puzzle solved, the player will come one step closer to restoring the castle to its former grandeur and discovering the secrets that lie within.

Game modes

Royal Match offers several game modes to keep players engaged and entertained:

  1. Match-3 Levels: The main game mode in Royal Match is the classic match-3 puzzle gameplay, where players must match three or more identical pieces to clear them from the board. Each level has specific goals to achieve, such as reaching a certain score, collecting a set number of specific pieces, or breaking through obstacles.
  2. Garden Quests: In this mode, players must complete specific tasks, such as planting flowers, fixing fountains, or building new structures in the castle gardens. Garden Quests often require the player to complete a certain number of match-3 levels to earn the necessary resources and progress in the game.
  3. Castle Challenges: These levels are designed to be particularly challenging, with special obstacles and limited moves. To succeed in Castle Challenges, players must use their skills and power-ups to their fullest extent.
  4. Treasure Hunts: These levels offer the opportunity for players to search for hidden treasures and uncover secret items hidden within the castle. Players must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to locate these treasures and earn valuable rewards.
  5. Special Events: From time to time, Royal Match offers special limited-time events that provide unique challenges and rewards. These events may include special themed puzzles, exclusive power-ups, or rare collectible items that are only available for a limited time.

Building and upgrades

In Royal Match, players can restore the castle and its surrounding lands to their former glory by using the coins they earn from completing match-3 puzzles and other game modes to make upgrades and improvements.

  1. Castle Upgrades: Players can upgrade various parts of the castle, such as the main building, towers, and walls, to improve its overall appearance and functionality. These upgrades not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the castle, but they also provide useful bonuses, such as increased coin rewards, more power-up options, and faster energy recovery.
  2. Garden Upgrades: As players progress through the game, they can also upgrade the castle gardens, adding new features such as flower beds, fountains, and statues. These upgrades not only beautify the gardens but also provide additional bonuses, such as extra moves or power-ups during match-3 levels.
  3. Special Buildings: In addition to the main castle and gardens, players can also construct and upgrade several special buildings, such as the bakery, blacksmith, and potion shop. These buildings provide various bonuses, such as bonus coins, power-ups, and new challenges.
  4. Resource Upgrades: Players can also upgrade the resources they collect in the game, such as coins and gems, to increase their value and earn more rewards.


– Focus on completing the match-3 levels: The match-3 levels are the primary way to earn coins and progress through the game. Focus on completing these levels as quickly and efficiently as possible, and try to achieve the highest score possible to earn bonus coins.

– Use power-ups wisely: Power-ups can be very useful, but they are limited in number, so use them strategically. Try to save them for challenging levels or levels with time limits, and use them when they will provide the most benefit.

– Complete daily tasks and quests: Daily tasks and quests provide bonus rewards and help players progress through the game more quickly. Make sure to complete these tasks every day to earn as many rewards as possible.

– Participate in events: Events are special challenges that are only available for a limited time. They provide unique rewards and challenges and can help players earn a lot of coins and other bonuses.

– Upgrade your castle and gardens: Upgrading your castle and gardens provides useful bonuses that can help you progress through the game more quickly. Make sure to prioritize upgrades that provide the most benefit and focus on upgrading the resources you use the most.

– Connect to social media: By connecting to social media, players can earn bonus rewards and connect with other players. Make sure to connect to social media to earn these rewards and participate in community events.


Royal Match is a popular match-3 puzzle game that offers a wide range of exciting features for players to enjoy. Here are some of the main features of the game:

  1. Match-3 Levels: The game features a wide variety of match-3 levels that players must complete to progress through the game. Each level has its own unique layout and objectives, and players must match colored gems to progress.
  2. Unique Boosters: Royal Match features a range of unique boosters that can help players complete difficult levels or achieve high scores. These boosters include rockets, bombs, and rainbow gems that can clear entire rows or columns of gems.
  3. Castle Building: In addition to the match-3 levels, players can also build and customize their own castle. Players can add new rooms, upgrade existing rooms, and decorate their castle with a wide range of items.
  4. Garden Design: Players can also design and customize their own garden, which provides resources that can be used to upgrade the castle. Players can plant flowers, trees, and other decorations to create a beautiful and unique garden.
  5. Daily Rewards: Royal Match provides daily rewards for players who log in to the game each day. These rewards include coins, gems, and boosters that can help players progress more quickly.
  6. Events: The game features regular events that provide unique challenges and rewards. These events are only available for a limited time and offer players a chance to earn special items and bonuses.
  7. Social Features: Players can connect to social media to compete with friends and earn bonus rewards. The game also features a leaderboard that tracks the highest-scoring players.


You have proven yourself to be a true match-3 puzzle master in Royal Match. With your expert skills, you have built an impressive castle and designed a stunning garden. Keep playing and collecting rewards to continue improving your gameplay and dominating the leaderboard.

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